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Ancient Radios

Welcome to the first of what will be an ongoing series regarding Ancient Technology. Though the topic will differ, the overall theme will be to show some little known facts concerning ancient human history.  

Ancient Original (?) Inscription on the Great Pyramid

There is no way to ever do justice to these ancient monuments in a few words. Suffice it to say that I most certainly do NOT subscribe to the orthodox Egyptologist theory of how or why the Great Pyramid was built. On this particular trip I was able to verify that there is indeed a carving,

The Human Mind - (Part I - An overview for practical purposes)

Reading Time: 10-15 minutes depending on your reading speed Benefit of Consumption: Get an overall understanding of how your mind actually works practically, making it much easier for you to begin operating clos

Curing Eyesight with Hypnosis

In trying to understand human limits, hypnosis and the mind I have from time to time devised some experiments. One of the most unusual results I achieved was when I tried to see if I could use hypnosis to permanently improve eyesight.
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